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[1/29] Why should I subscribe to the IBM Z Security Portal?

[2/29] The ability to eliminate the storage administrator from the compliance scope is found at what layer of encryption?

[3/29] Resource managers make security requests through the set of interfaces called the ____

[4/29] Which of the below functions can a PKI Services administrator not perform?

[5/29] In what security immune system domain does Data Set Encryption reside?

[6/29] Which of the following algorithms is NOT specified in a cipher suite definition?

[7/29] Which is a way to access and modify RACF data from the network?

[8/29] Which of the following is not considered a sensitive resource to RACF's health check of the same name?

[9/29] How many levels of indirect parameters are trusted on entry to a PC available to unauthorized callers?

[10/29] What is a common asymmetric key encryption algorithm?

[11/29] Your AT-TLS policy can specify which of the following?

[12/29] Which of the following is not found in the z/OS CVSS Data file available from the IBM Z Security Portal?

[13/29] Which of the following is not a type of KDS?

[14/29] Which of the following is an attack where a malicious user attempts to either guess or confirm valid users in a system?

[15/29] What is the name of the encryption hardware accelerator available on each microprocessor of the z14 providing up to 7x performance?

[16/29] What is the most important part of symmetric key encryption?

[17/29] What is “privilege creep”?

[18/29] Which of the following could be susceptible to a buffer overflow if left unchecked?

[19/29] Which keyword determines whether an unauthorized requester can invoke the PC?

[20/29] What is the recommended method for assigning superuser authority?

[21/29] After you are done reading and writing your data securely using System SSL APIs, what is the first step you should take?

[22/29] When an authorized user requests data from Db2 using SQL that is encrypted on disk they will see...

[23/29] Which General Register might be trusted on entry to a PC routine?

[24/29] Which of the following fields is not in a digital certificate?

[25/29] Which of the following ENQ QNames is most appropriate for an authorized program?

[26/29] Which information is NOT collected by zERT?

[27/29] What is the best way to verify the address of a control block provided by an untrusted requester?

[28/29] Which of the following is not a property of authorization?

[29/29] How can a user configure the default priority of security providers?