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Secure Z! Escape Room Experience

In this collaborative Escape Room experience, participants play the roles of newly hired z/OS security professionals at the fictitious company, Mock-Up Services Enterprises (M.U.S.E.), investigating a possible insider threat to a massive data breach. It’s a fun mix of logic puzzles and security best practices on z/OS, hinted at in the categories below...

Service Clues

The IBM Z Security Portal will be your guide with regard to SecInt=YES service. Is everything up-to-date at M.U.S.E.?

Code Clues

Is it possible that the in-house code at M.U.S.E. contains a system integrity bug? If so, what are the possible ramifications?

Configuration Clues

What if M.U.S.E.'s RACF administration is in error? How hazardous could a failed security-related health check be?

Differentiation Clues

Discover the differentiating security functionality of Pervasive Encryption, with regard to protecting the data in flight and at rest on z/OS. How might this apply to M.U.S.E.?

Endgame Clues

What is the purpose of this hacker's game? What are his intentions? What are the desired outcomes? Does he actually wear a black hat, or might it be white? Points to ponder, points to M.U.S.E.

Serve as a Game Master

After participating in this workshop, consider running your own. Ask the facilitator about receiving an equipment list and setup instructions. Earn your badge as an IBM Z Secure Engineering Game Master. See details on the badge here.